For Parents

We know how painful and difficult it can be to cope with mental health issues. We understand that your needs are unique and require unique attention. Our team is ready to serve young people 0-18 years of age, and their families/caregivers. Every year we work with hundreds of families as together we build mental wellness in our Waterloo Region communities. 

When should you call us?
If you have a concern or a question – this is the place to start. No problem is too big or too small when:

  •  Your child or youth is or may be experiencing mental health, emotional, or behavioural problems
  •  You would like more information about Waterloo Region mental health resources
  •  When you do not know where else to turn

When you call us you can expect us to: 

  •  Listen to your situation, concerns and needs
  •  Ask questions to help make sure we understand
  •  Explore information and community resources that might be helpful to you
  •  Schedule an appointment with a clinician if this is needed

You can reach us by calling 519-749-2932